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The Art of Susan Taylor and Frank Ducote


(posted on 30 Jun 2023)

Dear friends of the Blood Star,

Frank has immersed himself into the deep end of the collage pool in recent months. This piece entitled When is Too Much Never Enough represents this new direction in his work.

Frank's view of the contemporary art scene is that almost everything is some form of collage or assemblage.

Ever since Georges Braque and Pablo Picasso started it all and Jean-Michel Basquiat notably extended it with multiple seemingly unrelated snapshots, collage continues to be a powerful artistic direction. As has the still life as a perennial subject matter.

DUCOTE, When is Too Much Never Enough, 16x16, paint and paper collage on wood panel


The sight, sounds and smells of twelve beautiful cherry trees being felled one morning in April this year has made an indelible impression on Susan and is reflected in her work ever since. It has underscored for her yet again the importance of trees and has also given her an enhanced understanding of the motivation of the brave people who risk their own safety to protect old growth forests.

A new series The Importance of Trees has evolved in the last several months.

TAYLOR, The Importance of Trees, ink and gouache on paper mounted on wood cradles, each piece 6 x 6

Frank's collages (and more, there's always more with Frank) and work from Susan's new series will be shown at the 27th annual Art Off the Fence Show and Sale July 15 and 16 on South Pender Island.

And, one of Susan's pieces from this series has been accepted by the jury for the Federation of Canadian Artists annual On the Edge Exhibit on Granville Island, opening in late July.

We wish you a glorious summer weekend and a celebratory Canada Day. We are so fortunate to live in Canada!

Susan and Frank

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