Blood Star Gallery
The Art of Susan Taylor and Frank Ducote
TAYLOR / DUCOTE, Primavera I, collage on wood panel, 36 x 24, available TAYLOR, flora, fragmented, ink, w/c, gouache on paper on cradled wood panel SOLD TAYLOR; The Importance of Plankton VIII, acrylic on wood panel finished with resin, 10" x10" included in FCA 10 x10 exhibit December 2019 SOLD Rooster  SOLD
New Work by Susan TaylorFlowers by Susan TaylorMarine Life by Susan TaylorOthers by Susan Taylor
TAYLOR, Lines and Nets I, digitally manipulated photograph, available DUCOTE; This Little Piggy..., wood, paint, leather, metal, 8.5 x 11 x 6, available DUCOTE, This Old Boat, digital, available DUCOTE, SeƱor Burrito, mixed media, 14 x 11, available
Photographs by Susan TaylorFOLK ART by Frank DucoteDIGITAL PAINTINGS by Frank DucotePAINTINGS and DRAWINGS by Frank Ducote