Blood Star Gallery
The Art of Susan Taylor and Frank Ducote


(posted on 3 Nov 2019)

Dear art lovers and friends of the Blood Star,

You haven't heard from us in a while...have you missed us?

Our 20th annual one day sale is coming up next Sunday, November 10, in the Gallery and online.

In the meantime, a lot has been happening; we've been busy with shows and travel.

It was a big year for Susan. She has been showing work in the Federation of Canadian Artists (FCA) juried exhibits on Granville Island, Vancouver; she has work in the current show FCA SHAPE AND FORM Exhibit which closes November 3, the EMERGING Exhibit that opens November 5, and the SPOTLIGHT Exhibit that opens November 21; she's been invited to include some small drawings in the FCA Gallery's continuing Small Work collection and has been awarded the FCA's Associate Member status. She served as a juror for a recent FCA exhibit and participated on a public art selection panel. The latter were fascinating experiences.  Susan's current series "The Importance of Plankton" resulted from reading "every second breath we take is thanks to plankton" earlier this year. In addition to being that crucial and the base of our oceans' food chain, the largely microscopic organisms are enormously varied and beautiful! 


The Importance of Plankton VI by Susan Taylor, acrylic and resin on wooden cradle

As usual, we organized and participated in the annual South Pender Island Easter Art Walk which continues to be very popular, attracts new South Pender participating artists and has, for many art lovers, become a favourite Easter Sunday afternoon activity. The summer was busy with the annual Art Off the Fence Show in July and an exhibit at the Penders' beloved Sea Star Winery in August.

In contrast, Frank has been a veritable slug by comparison! But seriously, he continues to hone his digital chops, and has been accepted in shows in Los Angeles and at the Cultch in Vancouver. This year, collectors from San Francisco to Toronto have acquired his digital and analog (i.e. painting) works, and his whimsical folk art pieces continue to find new homes. 


Looming by Frank Ducote, digital collage mounted on aluminum

As the saying goes, travel broadens, and in the winter Frank and Susan went to Mexico for some sun and made a pilgrimage to see the overwintering monarchs which fed Susan's wonder for these creatures and her ongoing monarch butterfly series; in spring we went to Italy, staying in Rome, Florence and a farmhouse in Tuscany, the latter shared with friends from Pender Island and Vancouver. Frank's training in Architecture and City Planning helped reignite his interest in late-medieval art, especially that of Giotto, whose work explored more accurate renditions of perspective and human form. Before him, human figures were sort of boneless and generic Gumbys, and buildings crudely portrayed. After Giotto, there was no going back. Well, 'til Picasso maybe.

So, onward! And we hope to see you at our sale or, failing that, online at

Our best wishes to you,

Susan and Frank