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(posted on 17 Nov 2013)

Blood Star Gallery

November 17, 2013

Letter #38

As the train approached the Seattle station we caught a glimpse of a large stallion overhead. Out on the street we passed a gallery with a mare occupying the entire first room....they had to be Deborah Butterfield's horses! We'd last seen an installation of her work a few years ago on New York's Park Avenue. Her larger than life-sized horses are magnificent. At first glance, they appear to have been assembled from sun-bleached driftwood but on closer inspection, they're bronze.

Butterfield has spent more than thirty years making sculptures of horses, initially in wood, sometimes in found metal and concrete. When her early wood sculptures started to deteriorate she opted not to have “a secondary career as a veterinary art restorer” and chose instead a labour intensive process of first constructing and documenting each piece of the horse in wood, then deconstructing it and finally casting each piece of wood in bronze before reassembling it.

In a lifetime of observing horses and half a lifetime sculpting them, she has produced a large arresting body of work that captures their noble character. It’s a wonderful example of what an artist can achieve when she focuses on what she knows and loves.

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